Jordan Marx Sprague is the live event artist behind Marx Studio.

Art has always been a massive part of Jordan’s identity, and when it came time to continue her education in college she pursued further training at Savannah College of Art and Design. After gaining all of the knowledge and skills necessary at SCAD, Jordan transitioned to live painting as a career, and she admits that it has opened up a whole new world of meeting other creatives.


There is a lot of spontaneity in the live event paintings.

Although she knows what size canvas the client wants, it is really up to Jordan’s perspective of the event as to what is painted. The day of the event, Jordan arrives to the venue several hours early to set up her easel and custom mix all of the colors that are to be used to paint the scene. One of Jordan’s personal artistic rules is that not one color on the canvas is straight out of the bottle, with the exception of white. As the painting comes to life so does the energy of the event.